Who We Are

The Lord called Daniel Kinda from California to be a missionary in Uganda Africa, and he left on a one-way ticket in 2007. Meeting Solveig Tindalid there in 2009, they were married on Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria in 2010. They continued their ministry among the Ugandans, working there with a local Pastor named Fred Asiimwe until 2014.

In 2014 the Lord relocated Daniel & Solveig to Northern Greenland, starting a new ministry in Qasigiannguit, a small town on Greenland's west coast. The first couple of years were spent getting to know the people of Qasigiannguit and ministering to them, mostly one-on-one or in small groups as the Lord opened the doors.

How it all began

Daniel's personal testimony

I (Daniel) began praying for missionaries when I was a young boy of 9 when I accepted Jesus into my heart. The calling to go on the mission field happened years later when my heart was pierced at Church one day, when a 22 year old woman gave a summary of her mission trip in Africa. At that moment I knew for sure the Lord said to me: "GO out to all the world and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ." (Matt. 28:19) Shortly after that, in 2004, I quit my Aero Space job with Northrop Grumman after nearly 10 years, giving up my retirement to serve the Lord.

I also felt I wanted to go where others would not, so the next three years I prayed for the Lord to show me where He wanted me to go. Since I had quit my job, I started working side jobs for people and this taught me to trust in the Lord as He supplied my needs. In 2007 He sent me to Uganda Africa and I went on a one way ticket, not knowing where I would end up. After several scary harrowing months the Lord led me to a Ugandan pastor by the name of Fred Asiimwe and this is when I started "Island Ministries".

One of the early ministries we started was preaching on the local radio station five days a week on Bugala Island in Lake Victoria. We also started traveling to different villages showing "The passion of the Christ", as well as starting a prison and hospital ministry, visiting the local prison and the clinic every week. After about 3 years of discipleship with Pastor Fred on the Islands of Lake Victoria , Uganda, the ministry began to bear fruit.

While in Uganda I met Solveig Tindalid, a Faroese woman born and raised in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. I met her when she started volunteering in a missionary organization in Uganda. Like me she had accepted Christ into her heart at a young age. In 2010 we were married on the Islands of Lake Victoria. From 2010-2014 my wife and I continued the ministry in Uganda as a team, accenting each other's gifts from the Lord.

In 2014 the Lord showed us we were finished in Uganda Africa. The ministry went from a family of 12 people in an old building to now over 20 non-denominational churches all over the islands of Lake Victoria in Uganda as well as the mainland. We still keep in contact with Pastor Fred as he still serves the Lord in Uganda.

Thinking that our overseas missionary days were over, we went to Nuuk, Southern Greenland, to visit Solveig's family and about 3 days later, the Lord spoke to my heart, during my morning prayer, to go to northern Greenland to start a new ministry there. We went to a town of 1,000 people called Qasigiannguit, which is about 300 km. above the Arctic Circle. After about 2 years the Lord showed us that we needed a boat to go further north (Towards the top of the world, the North Pole) to take His Gospel where few travel, to share His Word and disciple whoever the Lord sends us in Greenland as we did in Uganda Africa.

In 2017, Light of the World Aid International, a non-profit organization, was founded and purchased a 48 foot boat in Newfoundland, Canada. We renamed the boat "Qaamaneq" which means "The Light" in Greenlandic. In July of 2019 I and 2 others crossed the Atlantic on "Qaamaneq" to start our new summer ministry in Northern Greenland.