Our boat

The Lord called us, Daniel & Solveig Kinda to be Bible teachers in Qasigiannguit, Greenland in 2014 after serving for several years in Uganda, Africa.

We felt the need to purchase a boat for the ministry because the Lord continually impressed on our hearts to "Go North". In Greenland a boat is the only way possible to travel to the northern villages because of the lack of roads between villages.

In 2017 "Light of the World Aid International" was founded and bought a 48-foot boat, now named "Qaamaneq", which means "Light" in Greenlandic. The boat was bought in Lewisporte, Newfoundland, Canada. The boat is paid in full, by the grace of God, through generous donations from many different people around the world.

The story of Qaamaneq

The boat was custom built in 1976 for the Canadian Coast Guard. Only top-of-the-line materials were used in its construction. The boat was reconstructed as a pleasure yacht in Newfoundland until we purchased it in 2017 - The engines still had only 700 hours on them!

Qaamaneq has been upgraded to make it a work-horse, fit for the weather and icy coast of Northern Greenland. It took 2 years with 3 trips of about 3 ½ months each to Lewisporte Canada to upgrade and retrofit the boat for a 7 ½ day (Actual sea-time) Atlantic crossing to Qasigiannguit Greenland. We had structural repairs, modifications, new updated electronics, installed another fuel tank, as well as many other repairs and changes to ready Qaamaneq for its 1600 mile trip and a new life in the Arctic Oceans of Greenland.

Atlantic Crossing

Completed on July 26, 2019

The crossing began on July 13 at 8:00 am from Lewisporte, Newfoundland, Canada with a crew of 3 people: Myself (Daniel Kinda) an American, Anda, a Greenlandic seaman and cook, and our Captain Evald from the Faroe Islands. Our first fuel stop was 2 ½ days later in Makkovik, Labrador, Canada, about 556 miles north of our departure. After a 4 ½ day weather layover we departed Makkovik, Canada on July 19th for a 3 ½ day Atlantic Crossing, about 668 miles (See Update 107 for trip details, Click here) to Nuuk, Greenland. We stayed in Nuuk for a couple of days; Captain Evald went home and my wife, Solveig joined us for the last leg home, and then we headed north for about another 388 miles to Qasigiannguit, Greenland in Disko Bay.

The Lord blessed our trip with few issues and a safe trip all the way. We made an Atlantic Crossing from Canada to Northern Greenland in a 48ft. power boat, about 1600 miles, something few people have done. Thank You, Lord!

We now plan to go north each summer, (our short summer months being June-August, give or take a month) as the Lord leads, to different villages, preaching the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the winter months, Qaamaneq will be in dry dock in our neighboring town of Aasiaat as we minister to people in our town of Qasigiannguit.

Please pray for this big undertaking and if God puts it on your heart to donate to the ministry, all donations are welcomed with gratitude!

God bless you –
Daniel & Solveig Kinda,
Light of the World Aid International